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TP-LINK CPE510 Wireless Firmware Download

TP-LINK CPE510 Wireless Firmware Download. To 5Ghz- A really great product for the value for money. Highly recommended. In the box we find the antenna, the external power supply, the power cord and 2 attachment clamps. The essential in order to install the antenna. The antenna is composed of plastic material resistant to atmospheric agents. On it there is a LAN0 door that is also "Passive PoE In" serving to be powered and data transport, a LAN1 port usable for connecting a second device, a reset button and a terminal for the mass well protected by a cover with bayonet insertion is permitted only where the output of the connection cables. The very simple and intuitive power supply installation comprising a power connector, a LAN0 PoE port which also supplies the antenna, another LAN port and a reset button. The maximum distance from the reported CPE used is 60 meters, I have installed at a distance of 30 meters without problems.

TP-LINK CPE510 Firmware Download
Also if you use two devices of the Tp brand -link you can enable Maxtream TDMA feature which serves to cancel the collisions between Wi-fi devices. Enabling this feature I noticed a remarkable stability of the signal. With your country is not redirect the "Transmit Power full color" you can adjust the power from 0 dBm to 27 dBm / 500mW. For my distance without obstacles between two points it took only 4 dBm to be able to connect devices. Remember that the maximum power of transmission varies from country to country, therefore, read about the rules of your country before you set values ​​that may not be authorized.

Download Firmware TP-LINK CPE510 Wireless
After the Quick setup, we can access the Status menu where we have suffered all specifications of the antenna configuration and through which it is possible for those who had not pointing instruments, perform corrective actions on the alignment of the apparatus press inter following the "Wireless signal iduna park Quality" the LAN indicator bars long of the power and interference of the TX and RX signals. Also in the pre-installed software you can use some tools including the "Spectrum Analysis" very useful to be able to choose from a some body for wide range of "Channe sign to my post / frequency" that is not subject to interference from other frequencies presences in the area. The choice of the "Channe you must to download / Frequency building hold can also be set in manual and last automatic mode but is very slow result the alignment of the signal between the two antennas. As soon as I set the "Channe / Frequency" I chose via the Spectrum I noticed that the devices immediately lined up and there was no loss of data packets between them giving stability for transmission and reception. 

Firmware TP-LINK CPE510 Wireless Download
The plastic attachment clamps are very durable and easy to apply. I used for my project n. 2 antennas, one configured as "Access Point" and the other as "Client" in order to carry a data line to 300mbps between two buildings at a distance of about 400 meters. Time it takes to configure a single antenna about 10 minutes. Its configuration is very intuitive with pre-installed software in the antenna simply by accessing the web interface set of "" factory using the "Quick Setup" you can choose the various types of operating modes the configuration path you also have the ability to associate. 


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