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TENVIS JPT3815W Camera Firmware Download

TENVIS JPT3815W Camera Firmware Download. Hello everyone, I have a big problem with this ip cam, I managed to set it up and operate it from my cell when I'm connected to the wifi home network (using the static ip of the cam), but remotely (3g or connected to other wifi different from that of the house where it is connected to the cam) I can not reach it to do oh God I do not enter the DNS address of the ip cam supplied) but an IP address of the cam (which of course changes and therefore I can not always reach ) seems to me in the settings under the DNS address followed by a colon and the port address (in my router I obviously set the valid port for the cam is that tcp udp) but then again I can see the cam remotely only the address that appears in the settings of the cam once the latter is connected to wifi at home, if I enter the dns address supplied to me by mistake.

Firmware Download TENVIS JPT3815W Camera
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