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Download Samsung SCX-4828FN Printer Driver and Software free for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac and Linux. This collection of software includes the complete set of drivers, the installer software and other optional for Samsung SCX-4828FN.

"Samsung SCX-4828FN"

This device typically is ok and also the print quality and stuff is nice and quick. I have 2 major gripes with it... initial is that the interface. It's quite unhealthy. It is not intuitive the least bit. To try torepetition, for instance, it's fine if you would like to merely place a document in and replica it with all default settings, however if you would like to vary something, it is a little bit of a disaster. Ever --- changing settings needs you to travel into the final menu, there is not simply a fast and obvious "copy settings" that apply to your current copy job. So, to try to to one thing easy like collate the pages, you have got to travel through some strange menus that ar the precise same menus you'd use to line the total printer. This simply looked like a poor style.

I used to be quite irritated by this as a result of everything would appear to counsel that it does --- it does not. The ADF feeder --- from everything I will tell --- is single facet solely. It will do duplex printing, however yea --- no repetition. it'll copy a one-sided document and create it double sided, however you cannot place a double-sided item in there. This stood bent Pine Tree State as a result of everything within the descriptions and even manual appear to counsel that you just will use the ADF. However actually, you cannot. The scan to email feature conjointly sucks. you would like to manually sort in Associate in Nursing address book, or sort within the address by hand employing a range pad. This naturally could be a vast pain. Also, to send the e-mail, you would like to be running your own SMTP server, as a result of this does not do SSL or TSL authentication, therefore it will not work with most off-site email suppliers. meaning the total scan-to-email issue is useless and non-functional for many users.

Cons of Samsung SCX-4828FN: software system locks abreast of install and messes together with your central processor by the provided "SmarThru Office" software system compartmentalisation your files. Takes up 50%+ of a central processor power, creating it hot and increasing the pc fan noise (annoying to me). However, this can be over return by turning OFF the compartmentalisation practicality on your pc & turning off printer once not in use. PDF scan of document is saved as an enormous file (i.e. twenty two MB for a fifteen page grayscale PDF document...seems high to me). ought to be ready to have it scaled to try to to beneath one MB as a PDF. the sole different grievance is that this unit remains pretty massive for a business office.

I'm not a tekki, therefore i would like one thing straightforward to use and meet my wants while not an excessive amount of created. i might provides it another star if it wasn't for the 'indexing/CPU' and software system issue. Once you get the work around, it's fine. maybe if I upgrade my pc, it'd work higher on MS scene. But, i am not willing to try to to that any time before long.

PROS of Samsung SCX-4828FN:

  • Nice printer. Time to initial page is as quick as any electrostatic printer can be, even once its been sleeping in power save mode. Resolution is extremely sensible, even in toner saver mode. terribly quiet - solely slightly noisier if you are printing in duplex mode. you'll be able to simply speak on the phone sitting next thereto whereas it's operational.
  • Nice document scanner. Automatic document feeder handles stacks of my expense report pages with taped-on receipts with no a jam. Scanning is super quick over USB and fairly quick once done over the network. Scans to each Win and macintosh machines cleanly, whether or not initiated from the SCX-4828 ("pushed" with the Scan to computer feature) or "pulled" from the destination machine exploitation either Samsung's enclosed software system or third-party software system, as well as Adobe jock - the complete paid version, not the free jock Reader. this can be not a high resolution ikon scanner. It does not scan ikon negatives. It conjointly does not create toast. There ar machines designed specifically for that.
  • Scan to USB flash drive/external Winchester drive is terrific.
  • Scan to email is extremely helpful.
  • Faxing (initiated each from the SCX-4828's instrument panel and from a Win/Mac machine) works absolutely. Automatic forwarding of incoming faxes to Associate in Nursing email address is sensible, particularly if you travel plenty.
  • You'll be able to set the machine to email you once there ar issues (out of toner, out of paper, etc.) The setup for this can be extremely configurable.
  • The 250 sheet paper offer receptacle is nice. the choice to feature a second paper receptacle could be a massive and, particularly if you utilize letter paper with totally different paper for page 2 Associate in Nursingd on the far side or do high volume printing and want an extra-large offer.
  • Haven't found one downside exploitation this machine with WinXP PCs or Macs running ounce. I got the newest drivers and software system (those ar various things, btw) from the Samsung website. I will do everything on the Macs that I will do with the PCs. PCL and PostScript drivers work with no problems.
  • The physical dimensions of the SCX-4828 ar as tiny as you'll expect for a printer with Associate in Nursing automatic document feeder which is capable of printing in duplex mode (remember, the sheet has got to be flipped over to print the opposite facet and you would like a touch further volume to try to to that).
  • You'll be able to check the approximate toner level remotely from any pc on the network.
  • You'll be able to created individual user accounts and keep track of the quantity of pages written per user. you'll be able to conjointly watchword shield the device to limit its use to specific folks that share your network.

CONS Samsung SCX-4828FN:

  • The e-mail options will not send send through Web-based email like Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Hotmail/Windows Live Mail as a result of the SCX-4828 cannot handle the kind of authentication they have. causation TO those domains isn't a haul. i exploit my ISP's (Comcast) SMTP server to route my outward-bound email from the SCX-4828 and it works fine therefore this can be a dead letter on behalf of me. Samsung may enhance their computer code to accommodate this defect at some purpose however do not reckon it.

HINTS of Samsung SCX-4828FN:

  • RTFM. plenty of whining (and I do mean whining) from others regarding issues with this machine may are simply avoided had they browse the manuals. needless to say this can be a fancy machine, however it isn't significantly difficult, given what it's capable of doing. There ar settings to line and decisions to form if you would like it to match your explicit work flow. Take the time to know what the choices mean and what the settings do. do not blame Samsung for unhealthy style if you are too lazy to be told the way to use it.
  • Use a static IP address if you are exploitation this device on a network. it'll create configuring every consumer machine that accesses it plenty easier if you are doing.
  • You'll be able to transfer all of the documentation (manuals, fast begin guide) for this machine from the Samsung website at no cost BEFORE you buy it. DO IT. investigate what the SCX-4828fn will and doesn't do (e.g. it cannot SCAN either side of documents exploitation the ADF - it solely PRINTS in duplex mode. You'd recognize that if you RTFM before to procure the issue.) will the setup look too massive and scarey to modify the precise options you would like to use on this device? realize that out BEFORE you get it and either study the way to lie with or realize somebody with the experience to assist you when it arrives.
  • You do not ought to use or perhaps created each bell and whistle all directly to urge up and running with this machine. swallow the defaults for a touch whereas till you run through totally different situations then amendment settings pro re nata. Layer new functions on as you get snug with the essential options.
  • I consider others that the SmarThru workplace software system could be a resource hog and all unneeded. I did not install it. it is a heavy-handed try at a document organization and compartmentalisation system to assist you retain track of your scans. You have already got tools on your computer or macintosh that do what it will. If you do not already use those inbuilt tools, you doubtless will not use SmarThru, either.
  • The next-level-down and fewer costly SCX-4826fn is a twin of the SCX-4828fn with one exception: the latter includes PostScript capability, that was essential for the categories of applications i exploit and also the presence of Macs in my setting. individuals worked out that you just may upgrade a 4826 at no cost by flashing it with the computer code of a 4828 that you just may transfer from the Samsung website - till Samsung patterned that out, too and stopped posting the computer code on-line. If you do not want PostScript capability, save yourself some cash and find the 4826.

But whatever, to ensure that your hardware can achieve the maximum performance, you should always to use the latest of device drivers. For this purpose, The manufacturer of Samsung SCX-4828FN provides the database with all components hardware. Prepared for all driver model that you desired - regardless of Operating System or Systems architecture.

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Samsung SCX-4828FN Printer Driver Free
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