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HP SCANJET G4050 Driver Download

HP SCANJET G4050 Driver Download. In summer 2007 brought an HP scanner flatbed extremely convenient with the integrates units on the market through light, which not only surveillance but also presentations slides and waste up to a size of about DIN A4 makes scanning. Of great innovation, the scanner becomes when marks 6 to color scanner, Mr tool therefore contains two 3 colors xa two roars of luminescent material rummaging presentation twice and they deliver. The dissolution of hardware shown of 4,800 x 9,600 dpi sounds promising, however, nothing in the face of low prices in the 200 €. already intuit class that actually only a fraction, the extract is. In addition, the tool also contains a dust - and Scratch correct automatic hardware-moderate.

Driver Download HP SCANJET G4050 
The examination presentations will leave x up to a size of 216 x 311 mm digitize. This means for example that four 10x15 photos can be made simultaneously scanning. The bright units through grabs up to 16 image Minor framed slides or 30 Negative for film strip. The technical data seems very promising and the tool seems to be an affordable alternative to actually Diascannern.

Download HP SCANJET G4050 Driver
Originally a detailed test report of this tool was organized on this side. However, after I read a detailed test in the magazine photo ColorFoto 09/2007 with a measured density of 2.87 and a circumference measured dissolution of 1000-1300 dpi, I dropped the test report, because they do not allow themselves to be no specific slides or negative with these values ​​into usable quality make the scan. Finally more than 1 Megapixel image delivery information for something just a Scan with 1000 dpi which Digital photos are not an acceptable size. Good film scanners actually deliver between 10 and 20 Megapixeln.

HP SCANJET G4050 Driver Download
Meanwhile the company LaserSoft Imaging offers its Scan-Software SilverFast Ai also a professional for the. In contrast to a manufacturer-own Scan-Software, SilverFast offers the possibility much more professional and put through IT-8 calibration a better quality of image. That SilverFast Ai Software 're an IT-8 calibration target, with which you can carry out color calibration for his scanner, so that at the chromatic errors are corrected and Scan against a reference color space deliver the calibrated colors. Detailed information to SilverFast and the IT-8 color calibration are on our own website of SilverFast find.


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