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Firmware TP-Link AC3150 Download Free

Firmware TP-Link AC3150 Download Free. The first time you use your modem / router you have access to its administration panel and configure an Internet connection. Then connect the device to your computer using an Ethernet cable , insert the power cable and that the ADSL line in the appropriate device inputs ( Power and Internet / WAN ) and open any browser on your PC, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari .

Download Firmware TP-Link AC3150
At this point, connected to the address or at and you should find yourself in front of the login page of the modem administration panel. The combination of username and password to be entered should be admin / admin or admin / password . In case you can not access the router management panel, or you can not find the exact combination of username and password.

Firmware TP-Link AC3150 Download
It should now be automatically started the initial setup procedure of your Internet connection. If it does not, click on the card  Quick Setup  located in the upper left and the initial setup procedure of the modem / router will begin automatically.

TP-Link AC3150

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