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Firmware LINKSYS WRT54GL Wi-fi Download Free

Firmware LINKSYS WRT54GL Wi-fi Download Free. Who said that Linux and networking are complex things ... with 4botte, a bit of googling you can do so many things ... even on seemingly difficult parts embedded systems. The has in his park hw a nice wifi router, which has seen several changes and today is a perfect tool x fun with hacking and try Linux on embedded systems.

Download Free Firmware LINKSYS WRT54GL Wi-fi
The (they are also available on G and GS, it only changes the memory) amount is a wifi router that contains a 32-bit processor MISP Broadcom 200MHz, 16MB of RAM and 4 MB of flash, a WAN port and 4 LAN. But the most interesting thing is that you can easily install a Linux OS in effect, called OpenWRT.

Download Firmware LINKSYS WRT54GL Wi-fi
A small review: At first glance I must say it Unusual deco another world compared to the original Linksys firmware. Now I finally have all the statistics under control, plus it seems to me at different points much better performance. Can I use port forwading on how many doors I want (and not more than 10 as in the official firmware). I can handle a lot of options in regard to the WLAN. I can control the UPnP mapping tables directly from the router. I also finally NAT opened on xbox live and solved several problems with the 'UPnP. Definitely a step forward. Too bad there is not a monitor bandwidth as on Tomato.


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