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Firmware Engenius ENS202 Wireless Download

Firmware Engenius ENS202 Wireless Download. Access Point / Client Bridge outside is a new generation equipment on the 2.4 GHz band, which by its price, features and manageability, you become a success in sales. Produced in external it supports anti UV exposure to light or moisture without problems, being standard IP65. It is a multi operation and fully compatible with management software Engenius Zone Controller equipment, allowing centralized management of these devices from a single console.

Download Firmware Engenius ENS202 Wireless
Also thanks to the high output power 26 dBm (19 dBm for Europe) and removable 5dBi antennas, we can get links from high distance, and thanks to the injector poe owner does not need more than an RJ45 cable for connection.

Engenius ENS202
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