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Download Canon MAXIFY iB4020 Printer Driver and Software free for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac and Linux. This collection of software includes the complete set of drivers, the installer software and other optional for Canon MAXIFY iB4020.

"Canon MAXIFY iB4020"

I simply love this handy printer. it's simply a purpose designed color printer with fairly massive capability catridges and works well in an exceedingly little workplace or home base setting. I actually have AN dead one, however found the necessity for a secondary printer. I actually have this connected wirelessly to my Surface professional three, a Lenovo portable computer and my daughters Macbook. Installtion is kind of simple, the directions do take issue slightly from what you really have to be compelled to do however it's simple to work out. My biggest issue was my firewall was block the printer from the Lenovo, however, dynamical a firewall setting from "public" to "home" unusually cured the problem. It has 2 paper holders, I take advantage of one for normal copy paper, the opposite might doubtless take legal size... or maybe exposure paper.

Here's what I favor the simplest regarding the Canon MAXIFY iB4020.

  • It's merely a printer, not a duplicator, not a scanner and not a fax machine.
  • It's 2 paper trays and holds up to five hundred sheets of paper.
  • It warms up quickly and prints fifteen pages a moment in color or up to twenty three in black and white.
  • It's enticing and durable.
  • It's comparatively cheap.
  • The client service technician spoke good English, was polite, patient and was terribly useful. In fact, I couldn't have put in the wireless affiliation while not him.
  • When connecting this printer to my wireless local area network, I downloaded a free Cannon MAXIFY Application to my telephone and use my WI-FI affiliation to quickly print documents directly from my phone to the present printer.
Here's what I favor least regarding the Canon MAXIFY iB4020.

  • The directions for affiliation to a Wireless Access purpose (WAP) weigh heavily on one methodology of installation; but, those directions failed to work on behalf of me.
  • I'm the pc savvy "go to guy" at work and have put in a spread of brands, models and kinds of printers over the years while not having to "cry uncle" and decision a technician. This product complete that streak and that I am not happy regarding it.
  • At twenty five pounds with dimensions of eleven x fifteen x eighteen inches, this printer is far larger than I expected, however I actually have area for it and it's nice in my lounge.

If you plan to attach the printer on to your laptop, my guess is that it'll be as simple for you because it was for me; but, if you would like to attach to a wireless local area network and your WAP doesn't have a button to press for affiliation, those directions won't work. whereas my AT&T WAP features a button, the directions failed to work on behalf of me.

Although the merchandise failed to meet a number of my expectations, the friendly and quality service provided by Mark and every one of the items I listed that I favor regarding this product out and away negate those disappointments effort American state very proud of this printer. I recommend this product and therefore the Cannon service technician's service wholeheartedly and while not reservation.

The reason for getting this printer: Print worth and volume, Print quality, ink volume, ink quality, product/machine quality and USA product and support. I required a printer quick, and one that might handle larger volume in color and black. manuscripts, maps, illustrations and book covers.

As of this writing, the power to effortlessly flip any document into a nearly-professional, absolutely ordered and sized leaflet still amazes American state. The Canon MAXIFY iB4020 quality is at the extent of any inkjet I actually have used, maybe not at a blazing speed however steady and reliable with nothing however enthusiasm at pumping out pages endlessly. exploitation my up-to-now primary printer, a amazingly enduring HP Photosmart one thousand, the HP spit out a draft take a look at sheet in fourteen seconds, sadly, generally with a manual device assist. The Canon, at "normal" setting was regarding eight. dynamical to "draft" within the Windows dialog (there is not one within the Canon software) did not modification the speed or quality from traditional, however the HP born to ten. Legible, however not respectable.

For what's basically workhorse draft printer, I notice the exposure print quality is appropriate. I planned to use the HP Photosmart as a typical of kinds, and whereas it had been continually capable of amazingly smart output, thanks to lack of color ink i can not presently compare the Canon to a recent print. I have long desired an ardent massive format exposure printer somewhere down the road, and since the selection is essentially currently right down to Epson and Canon, I feel this machine has done loads of electioneering for Canon already.

Right out of the box- or for that matter, even still within the box- the Canon simply appearance as if it suggests that business. And business is printing, not faxing or scanning or repeating. I feel that serious users, Canon and that i would be in agreement to consider this machine as semi-pro, and that I solely say "semi" as a result of the price is thus absurdly low on deny any business use. I believe they might have accrued the selling price considerably, and once word got out not solely would they still have sold-out a large indefinite quantity of them, individuals may truly feel as if they were obtaining a additional serious resolution.

Canon MAXIFY iB4020 was a breeze to withdraw. Removing the orange tape and plastic shipping blocks and putting in the four starter ink cartridges (Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow), that square measure quite massive, took regarding ten minutes. Setting it up to figure on my home wireless network was --- interesting. My record of draw up wireless printers while not employing a USB cable for the initial setup is essentially unstained by success. This printer was no exception. when making an attempt the wireless complete setup many times, I gave up, put in the software package from the enclosed CD onto my laptop, attached the cable and followed the on-screen prompts. That worked fine. regarding forty minutes when I opened the box, I used to be up and running. The lesson here --- don't ever throw away your previous printer cables. By the way, I conjointly tested the Airprint operate from my wife's iPad, and it worked fine.

Loading ink cartridges is straightforward - there's alittle ramp to help with the loading and as you inset the tanks, it send a confirmation message on the little alphanumeric display screen that the work was done right and moves the holder over one slot. i feel that is sensible and well dead too. Speaking of ink cartridges - they solely offer setup-sized tanks thus if you order this printer for volume printing, order spare (at least black ones) otherwise you might run out faster than you expect. That, by the way, isn't a Canon-only policy. All of the ink jet printers I actually have tested accompany least ink tanks. It reasonably explains however they'll sell these complicated, technical wonders for such an occasional value.

So to ensure that your hardware can achieve the maximum performance, you should always to use the latest of device drivers. For this purpose, The manufacturer of Canon MAXIFY iB4020 provides the database with all components hardware. Prepared for all driver model that you desired - regardless of Operating System or Systems architecture.

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