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Download Brother MFC-9440CN Printer Driver and Software free for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac and Linux. This collection of software includes the complete set of drivers, the installer software and other optional for Brother MFC-9440CN.

"Brother MFC-9440CN"

Sorry this can be long review... The machine of Brother MFC-9440CN has some nice options. It's an occasional worth purpose for a color electrostatic printer. it's your basic all-in-one options that US little business house owners like: Fax, Copy, Scan, Print. The software package permits you to put together the machine from your laptop, abundant easier than punching all the numbers on the face of the machine to create everything acceptable. The cartridges area unit straightforward to switch further. it's a network card constitutional (not wireless). one among my favorite options, the document feeder, is considerably quicker than the other all-in-one I've closely-held or used. I scan an oversized variety of documents, thus this can be a really valuable and vital feature on behalf of me. I had another Brother machine and it had been in no time further.

Here area unit my problems :

The printer doesn't scan a real eight.5 by eleven - it shorts you a few quarter in. from high to bottom and on the edges. I scan documents and want the complete page, however this machine doesn't scan the complete page. I will set the choice to custom size to induce the complete eleven inches long, however the dimension cannot re-evaluate eight.27 inches, 1 / 4 in. in need of real size. I referred to as Brother to seek out out why it does not scan a whole page and that they told Maine it had been not a border-to-border printer and was inside their "specs". Would are nice to grasp, however this is not a whole deal killer.

The color is mediocre at the best. you cannot print skilled quality flyers as advertisements. the colors area unit uninteresting, even on ikon paper and on the vivid setting. the color is nice for nice color handouts, however nothing skilled. This was expected since I knew this entering into. This can be not a rich machine, thus i used to be not aiming to use it to provide skilled advertisements and such.

The automatic document feeder doesn't feed the paper in straight. I actually have stood over the machine to create certain the paper went into the feeder straight, however the copy or scan end up turned. The opposite issue is that they are continuously off within the same direction, a touch twisted to the proper. I referred to as Brother and that they aforesaid it had been "within specs", that is 3mm in any direction. I actually have a sense this can be solely my machine; either a feeder downside, a internal interpolation downside or a mix of each. i feel this as a result of I ne'er get a crooked copy to the left, continuously to the proper. Regardless, I actually have ne'er had a superbly straight copy, that could be a deal breaker on behalf of me if it cannot be mounted, thus continue. I actually have scan that others were ready to fix this downside by having the ADF replaced through the assurance. the lack to scan straight could be a deal breaker.

My fax does not work right. 2 of the last thirty faxes has more experienced (both only 1 page each). it is often had a haul faxing (sending and receiving), however he fail rate has enhanced considerably over the past couple weeks. I feel the electronic equipment is dangerous on my machine, however continue. A non-functioning fax could be a deal breaker. If these were the sole issues (with the electronic equipment and document feeder replaced) , i'd rate this machine at a four. it is a nice machine with nice bang for your buck. it's an occasional worth purpose, many basic all-in-one machine options, however it's the quickest document feeder within the West, that i like. My biggest downside has been the client service. I've referred to as sixfold within the past fortnight to deal with the 3 main issues i am having: inability to scan the total dimension of a letter or legal sized piece of paper, crooked copies, and therefore the fax not operating properly. on every occasion I hear "within specs", however i purchase transferred to following level of support. when stringent the contact info for the business executive with speaking with my second tier three school (they're the sole ones capable of authorizing on-the-spot repairs - that is however they fix their machine - not RMA like everybody else), he finally aforesaid he would send a school to switch the most board, the NCU board (which has the modem) and therefore the document feeder. All their techs told Maine that each one the issues my machine was having were either "within specs" (the eight.27 in. scan dimension and therefore the crooker document feeder) or the VOIP downside (faxes failing as a result of i used to be on VOIP).

Luckily I bought the machine at Costco. If the trip does not fix this machine, it's headed back and i will ought to begin watching a replacement machine, i could simply by the upgrade 9840 because the worth has fallen and my friend loves her machine. I had issues with the last Brother, the print head had a acknowledge shorting out downside that wasn't coated by the assurance when ninety days, and came back it away shortly when the matter (and bought the Canon five years ago). there is no method I'll obtain another Brother machine, till I forget however awful the service has been this point around. But anyway to ensure that your hardware can achieve the maximum performance, you should always to use the latest of device drivers. For this purpose, The manufacturer of Brother MFC-9440CN provides the database with all components hardware. Prepared for all driver model that you desired - regardless of Operating System or Systems architecture.

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Brother MFC-9440CN Printer Driver Free
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