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Download Brother MFC-5440CN Printer Driver and Software free for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac and Linux. This collection of software includes the complete set of drivers, the installer software and other optional for Brother MFC-5440CN.

"Brother MFC-5440CN"

The Brother MFC-5440CN was the foremost necessary factor on behalf of me. Since booting Windows from my house three years past, I even have been a one hundred raincoat menage (and not regretted it one bit - it is the smartest thing you'll be able to do), I wished to confirm that i might be able to use all the functions on the raincoat. within the past, this has not been a difficulty with printers, as they beautiful abundant all support Macs. however with MFC's, several support solely printing and not the advanced options. Not with Brother - this factor works cleanly on Macs. And I have a piece equipped Windows laptop computer and even that works utterly with this unit.

Installation was terribly easy --- simply enter the Etnernet wire to my hub and install the computer code. simply a warning to Tiger users - skip the CD and transfer straight from Brother. The CD in my box was previous and failed to support Tiger. Apple's Zero-config Bonjour technology found the printer like a shot and put in it. Subsequently I used to be printing like a shot. They even have a Dashboard gadget that monitors ink levels and offers you a glimpse of the standing panel. On Windows it had been equally as simple - I used the CD and things simply put in. though it installs Associate in Nursing annoying receptacle icon at startup (as do most Windows programs now), however that was simple to disable with none practicality loss.

The printer on this is often of superb quality --- perhaps a notch or two below my previous Canons and Epsons, however it's still a top quality printer. I might counsel mistreatment Injket or Multifunction paper with this unit for best results. Prints mistreatment regular copy paper were OK, nothing spectacular. The speed, like all injkets could be a small indefinite quantity overrated because the printer will prevent once printing graphics or photos. However overall, it will a good job and prints square measure legibile and appearance fine. Scanning is nice... The inlcuded Document feeder can allow you to insert a stack of 20-30 pages and hit scan and choose what pc you would like them to travel to. Then they'll show up in an exceedingly folder on your pc.

The photocopy operate is equally spectacular - you'll be able to stack 20-30 pages in it and it'll copy all them at a good clip. Works as publicised... FAXing is cool moreover. Since this unit incorporates a in-built FAX machine, you'll be able to either scan from the ADF or send a FAX from your pc. From the pc it's as easy as setting the Brother printer and telling it to FAX rather than print. Add the phone #'s and you're set. it'll send the FAX to the machine and it'll FAX it bent you. I with success faxed a seventy five page document from my Powerbook tho' this unit and it took thirty two minutes to induce to the destination.

This unit may multitask --- you'll be able to be scanning and print to the printer. it is a very little slow, however it works. you'll be able to additionally FAX out and print moreover. Ink usage looks to be nice. Cartridges square measure comparatively low cost and last for five hundred pages. there's a high yeild black that may offer you 900 pages. Their estimates appear to be on the point of the mark.

Some could complain concerning the cleansing cycle this printer. undecided what the fuss is concerning if you get the life Brother says (500 pages) UN agency cares? As long because it keeps the printer able to print, that is all that matters - most inkjets on the market these days have this same cleansing ritual. My Epsons did/do it. Also, the opposite grievance is that if the printer is out of a color it will not print. If you primarily would like this for a FAX or B&W documents and square measure discomposed by this, there square measure alternative Brother MFC's that square measure black and white solely.

The computer code installation was terribly simple, abundant quicker than putting in the big H.P. computer code. I even have raincoat OSX. Initially it appeared as if installation did not quite end, however the printer was still recognized and everything was set to print. And that I was able to print my 1st pages like a shot... That wasn't the case with H.P. computer code.

The only issue i see is that the copy operate is super slow, particularly if mistreatment traditional or highest quality. The draft mode is in good order quick, thus you actually ought to stick with that mode for repetition. The printing is pretty quick in traditional mode. I feel paper quality positively can facilitate the crispness of the print. I chiefly print for my very own reference, thus I am not fastidious, however if you wish to create a lot of skilled documents, you wish a top quality paperstock. I have never scanned nevertheless.

And I haven't got a home network, however it's nice to understand however helpful this may prove if i add any computers. I think for the worth, this is often a certain affirmative. even though it breaks in an exceedingly year or 2, it will not look like such a cash drain. all the sales folks appear to push brothers at Staples, chiefly thanks to the low value of substitution the indiv. ink cartridges.

I realize this machine to be a good worth. Works well. Prints quality photos. Nice to possess Associate in Nursing automotive vehicle fax machine that receives while not manual intervention. The network prepared feature could be a super and for those that have a home network. Of most worth on behalf of me is that the thirty five page sheet feeder. This makes the combined practicality of the MFC super. I even have three friends UN agency additionally purchased this model. All square measure happy. Found generic ink cartridges at and purchased a sixty four cartridge pack (16 sets) that we have a tendency to split; created it a good worth. But anyway to ensure that your hardware can achieve the maximum performance, you should always to use the latest of device drivers. For this purpose, The manufacturer of Brother MFC-5440CN provides the database with all components hardware. Prepared for all driver model that you desired - regardless of Operating System or Systems architecture.

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