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HP Photosmart 8750 Driver Free. The is a inkjet printer aimed at graphic designers, professional photographers and demanding enthusiasts to produce photographs in color and black and white high quality and longevity up to A3 + in live format, with a maximum resolution of 4,800 x 1,200 dpi. Compatible with Windows and Mac environments, its peculiarity is the adoption of a printing system up to 9 colors based on three cartridges each containing three inks codiloranti. It is therefore a pre-Scalable Printing Technology product, the new technology to separate ink tanks and pre-installed in the camera body to head has adopted since 8250. And although the model has demonstrated an excellent print quality , the use of groups of three cartridges of limited capacity colors (between 13:23 ml) for a large-size model and a non-record-breaking speeds may give rise to some reasonable doubts if not nell'hobbista evolved at least in the user segment professional which you would want to target. In fact, the product seems to straddle the two worlds "pro" and consumer, presenting characteristics of both. 

HP Photosmart 8750 Driver Free Download
Thus, alongside a massive but look nice (the only discordant note is the low strength of the extensible collection tray of prints), the presence of Ethernet network interface to the local network connection (in addition to USB 2.0), the support to print sizes ranging from 10 x 15 cm to A3 + (330 x 483 mm), instruments to advanced color correction, we find - after the use of cartridges containing multiple colors - elements such as slots for memory cards and a PictBridge port for direct printing to PC off, without the comfort of an LCD color display for previewing images. 

HP Photosmart 8750 Driver Free Download
As for the specific printing system of the, the unit is supplied with a set of three cartridges with integrated print head containing the inks Vivera dye-based: the No. 344 (14 ml) with tinteciano, magenta, and yellow;No. 102 (23 ml) with gri-gio clear, dark gray and black; No. 101 (13 ml) with light cyan, light magenta, and blue. The device also supports the No. cartridges. 338/339 pigmented black ink and no. 348 for printing text documents and graphics to the color line on plain or glossy paper. The new blue color contained in the cartridge n. 101 replaces the black-based dyes present in the tank n. 348, used by other HP unit to 6 or 8 colors. 

Download HP Photosmart 8750 Driver Free
An LCD display is present, but it is just text-based, and print directly from a memory card is necessary to produce the shots index sheet on plain paper and then select the images you want by entering its corresponding number from the control panel. Given the cost of consumables, unlikely we believe that an advanced user, much less a professional, wants to engage in this transaction without first being certain dellaqualità original image (especially when printing in A4 or higher), therefore, the actual function of the memory card slot may be reduced to that of simple tool for transferring images on the PC hard drive via the utility software supplied. 

HP Photosmart 8750

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HP Photosmart 8750 Driver Free Download
According to a PC magazine, the addition of the blue would broaden the palette of colors with respect to the photographic papers used in conventional printing systems, improving both the level of saturation and purity of blue is the deepest reaching a high brightness point in lighter shades, not obtainable by mixing of cyan and magenta inks. This results, for example, in a more effective reproduction of natural images such as landscapes and marine scenarios. The gray photo cartridge in. 102 is used both in color printing in both monochrome: the former replaces the combination of cyan, light cyan, magenta, light magenta and yellow in the rendering of the image luminance channel; in the second case, produces more neutral colors, deeper blacks and more detail contrast, reducing metamerism phenomena that occur at different ambient light when the gray tones are obtained by combining other colors. 

HP Photosmart 8750 Driver Free Download
The color photographic prints I printed on Premium Plus Photo paper they were among the absolute best printers I've experienced in my career: the level of detail appeared very high and vivid colors, even if in some cases blue shades seemed to us a bit ' exuberant. Excellent also the yield of the flesh, natural and free of the slight pinkish dominant we've seen in elaborate other rival models.  As for printing in black and white, the with no cartridge. 102 has produced superlative images to neutrality of tones and softness of the shades, without the slightest trace of those chromatic alterations that a greater or lesser extent affect the models that mix the color inks to achieve the gray tones. Just completed, the prints must be handled with care until the full absorption of the inks, navvertitamente avoid leaving fingerprints on the surface and waiting 24 hours before you put them in an album. 

HP Photosmart 8750 Driver Free Download
The speed performance, as mentioned, were not especially outstanding from Photoshop , with the driver set in Best mode, we clocked four minutes and 22 seconds to the usual image A4 sample, while an A4 photo bleed took 6 minutes and 7 seconds color and five minutes grayscale; tests in A3 and A3 + format required, respectively, 9 minutes and 33 seconds and 10:46 seconds. As it regards the longevity of prints produced with Vivera n cartridges. 101, 102 and 344 on Premium Plus Photo Paper, declares an existence fading of 108anni for color photos and 115 years for black and white when exposed in a frame protected by glass; if kept in a photo album in the dark it can reach 200 years. The results reported for color prints, however, are based on tests conducted at the Wilhelm Imaging Research on a similar 8-color system using the HP photo ink cartridge n. 348 (light cyan, light magenta and black) and not the No. 101 containing the photo blue instead of black. Actual longevity test inks 9 colors would still underway, but it is likely that the figures provided will be confirmed.
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