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Download Brother MFC-8480DN Printer Driver and Software free for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac and Linux. This collection of software includes the complete set of drivers, the installer software and other optional for Brother MFC-8480DN.

"Brother MFC-8480DN"

My married person could be a middle grades teacher and also the copiers at her college square measure perpetually broken square measure in use by some other person, thus we have a tendency to do all her printing and repetition reception - scores of printing and repetition. i actually just like the speed and also the automatic duplexing. we have a tendency to expect to chop our paper value by 30-40%. we have a tendency to conjointly produce a pdf of every assignment/worksheet to transfer to her web site thus students will get any lost assignments. The Brother MFC-8480DN Automatic Document Feed is great with no jams to this point even with giant documents. we have a tendency to conjointly print hall/bathroom passes on identity card stock victimisation the one sheet feeder with no jams. to this point we've written concerning 5.000 pages and have had no real issues. putting in place the network for sharing the printer was terribly simple. we have a tendency to expect to print concerning 5.000/moons - Well below the twenty 5.000 duty clcle. Our previous MFC 8220 remains getting used by a colleague once three drum replacements - we have a tendency to simply wished the additional speed and motor vehicle duplex this machine provided.

I have a network with machines running Windows aspect, mac OS X cat, and Ubuntu or Linux. The Brother MFC-8480DN printer worked with all 3 operational systems with no tweaking the least bit. In fact, the sole headache was that the Windows software package provided by Brother needed a resuscitate once putting in (I thought we have a tendency to left Windows ninety five so much behind...). The mack like a shot recognized the printer via Rendezvous and was able to print among seconds. What stunned Pine Tree State the foremost, however, was that UNIX system saw the printer and designed itself promptly. Brother offers UNIX system drivers, however there's no purpose in even downloading the print drivers as CUPS handles it out of the box. For scanning, you ought to install the Brother "driver" that is really simply a really little daemon that the printer contacts after you press the scanning button. All the daemon will is set out the suitable shell script, that square measure situated in /etc/local/Brother/sane. it's all terribly configurable and if you recognize your scripting, this printer is a lot of capable on UNIX system than it's on mack or Windows!

The Brother MFC-8480DN software package provided for scanning is straightforward to use and extremely versatile. we have not used the fax perform nevertheless. to this point we have a tendency to square measure very happy with the speed, motor vehicle duplex and scanning options and have had no driver problems victimisation each XP and aspect. the opposite reason I left off one star is that the machine is by no means that designed to last forever - the body is comparatively light-weight plastic and makes Pine Tree State suspicious concerning the internals, as well. The paper receptacle removes too simply, and that i can drop it on the ground one in every of these times. For mack users running cat, setup of this printer could not be any easier. Specific drivers for the 8480DN square measure enclosed in current versions of cat. All we have a tendency to had to try to to was plug the printer into our ethernet+wireless network, and every one of our networked Macs (wired and wireless) were able to observe and access it like a shot, with full practicality. we have a tendency to ne'er even had to the touch the Brother software package CD.

I am terribly discomfited during this machine and would undoubtedly not suggest it. The document feeder oft grabs many sheets at a time in order that i would like to count all copies and scanned pages. to boot, several of my pages have a line happening vertically because of a retardant with the toner bar. this can value quite $100 to exchange and happened solely many months once I bought the machine. I even have a retardant printing envelopes as a result of the machine does not appear to love writing paper. Speed is nice, however has to be not to mention accuracy.

But anyway to ensure that your hardware can achieve the maximum performance, you should always to use the latest of device drivers. For this purpose, The manufacturer of Brother MFC-8480DN provides the database with all components hardware. Prepared for all driver model that you desired - regardless of Operating System or Systems architecture.

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Brother MFC-8480DN Printer Driver Free
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